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Commercial inspections

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Carson Dunlop has a commercial inspection course but it doesn't teach you a whole lot about anything technical.

The whole thing about taking on commercial is stay within what you can do and then hire specialists to do what you can't. You function as the general contractor. If you are comfortable doing the plumbing and roof, you get an HVAC guy and an electrician to do the electric system and boilers etc.

You need to put together a team of pros and then tailor your inspection for each job. Get each specialist to do a recon and then give you the price up front for their end of it - including what it will cost for them to prepare their portion of the written report - and then add in what you need for your end. That's what you bid.

You'll need a consistent format that everyone uses to write the report. That means sitting down with the team and going over the format with them so that everyone is familiar with what's going to be required. You need to figure in projected repair/replacement expenses for the first year and first five years based on conditions found.

Don't forget to do a parking and accessibility assessment.



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