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Water Heater, etc.

Mike Lamb

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What does $1.2M get you in a Chicago prime real estate neighborhood? Ridiculous.

This panel above a stairway is the only access to a 75 gallon water heater.

The re-modelers decided to drywall around the humidifier.

My report verbiage was choice.

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The wick or drum or whatever other such nonsense was designed to introduce water vapor into the plenum.

As long as the water is disconnected, making that humidifier inaccessible is the next best thing to removing it.

I don't like them either but I'm not sure your statement is true in all cases.

When I recently had a new HVAC system installed in my house, I told the contractor to eliminate the humidifier (same type as pictured in this thread). His partner was more than happy to take it for installation in his own house.

A love hate thing? I don't know.

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Wouldn't a humidifier left in the duct create unwanted friction for air flow especially for the AC which is heavier air?

In this case a newer furnace was installed with a new humidifier so this furnace had two flow through type humidifiers, the one pictured above is disconnected. Wacky.

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