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My client yesterday is an allergist and researcher at Luries Children Hospital, one of the best pediatric facilities in the country (world?).

When "it", as usual, came down to the seemingly inevitable digression of having to talk about mold, I simply backed away and said, "you're the doctor, what about it?"

He had surprisingly little to say. One thing led to another. I eventually got around to telling him how it works in our micro-world

Short summary, he was completely unaware there are people out there claiming all the stuff they claim, and wondered why people were listening.

He affirmed that the claimed connections between mold and disease are fallacious, maybe they'll be proven someday, but nothing so far. He describe how molds relation to allergies are wildly more complex than a simple cause/effect relationship; lots and lots of conditions must be present in order for mold to effect allergies.

So, that's all. Just a real doctor and scientist telling me reality.

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Oh, oh,

Wait for it. Waaaiiiiiiiit for it. Pretty soon one of the mold evengelists will be here to declare you morally bereft and to claim you are a fraud who's been bought off by government and special interests.

You're a baaaaaaaaad person, Kurt.



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