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How do I read age from this printed on the roof?


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Were there any markings as to whom the manufacturer is? If it is a Firestone product they use a three digit day followed by two digit year. Other words yours would be the 341 day of 1997.

Also did you by chance check the date code of the window glazing panels?

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Where would I find a date code on the windows? Is that normal - that is a new one for me. On most storefronts?

Very interesting!

Most storefront windows and doors have a date code. The main one's I find without a code are cheap replacements. As Nolan indicated, it is typically stamped on the aluminum channel between the glazing panels.

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Unless you know who manufactured the glazing the date codes are going to be useless. If you really want to know the age of the glass look for the 'bug' (the etching that certifies the glass is tempered) on the entry door.

It should be relatively easy to judge 8-10 years of aging on commercial building components. A decade equals an enormous amount of abuse.

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