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Gas Shut Off valve in Hearth

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Even if gas logs were installed, this is front of the flame where it would get too hot. Should always enter from the side or rear. This is an old style unapproved shutoff. Should be a ball valve listed to ANSI Z21.15

This pipe can conduct a LOT of heat so I would be concerned how far it goes before contact with combustibles.

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A shutoff in a fireplace is not the primary control. Whether a gas log lighter or gas logs, there must be a separate control for the primary burner. Under normal conditions, the other control and not the shutoff is used to operate the appliance. The shutoff is there for service. Now, let's say there is a major gas leak in a gas logset. The code does not expect you to reach into a combustible vapor cloud to shutoff the gas. The code expects you to evacuate everyone and have the cavalry shut off the building.

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