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Newspaper 1967

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I love that little car. I've almost purchased three of them over the years. One was a basket case, one was cut up to accept a JC Whitney sunroof that was way too big, and the last the timing just wasn't right.

I was seven the first time I saw a Triumph TR-7. For some reason I thought I should have one of those too.

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The Opel always reminded me of the Toyota 2000 GT.

I wanted a 67 Toyota 2000 GT. When I went to work for my first Toyota dealer in 1970 one could still get one for just under $8000 which was considered expensive as hell in those days. I bought a new late '69 early '70 Firebird Formula 400 instead; fully equipped for $3280. Jeez, if I'd only known that by 1983 a 2000 GT would sell for upwards of $50k and that today they'd sell for over half a mil I would have bought one, sucked up the cost and foregone all booze, girls and carousing until I'd paid it off. They stopped importing them that year.

Today, NADA Classic Car Guide has it as $439,300 low retail, $572,400 average retail, and $638,400 high retail. Gee, I was such a friggin nimrod ! [:-banghea[:-banghea[:-banghea[:-banghea




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Freshman in college...Quart of beer and a slim-jim = partytime.

I also imbibed far too much Everclear whilst another friend of mine and I enjoyed the companionship of a couple young fillies as we were doing our damdest to run the best track/field events at our college track/field location on campus.

Whooeee ... what a night! [:-party] [:-censore

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If I remember correctly, the American and Daily News were delivered in the PM and the Times and Trib in the morning.

Now you got me to thinkin - I seem to remember getting the mail twice a day. It was before I-90 or Schaumburg were built or our being considered a suburb. Hasn't progress been grand? :-(

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