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I need help estimating the cost of adding an exterior entrance to the basement of an 1860 masonry building.

I need to excavate an area approximately 5' x 11' x 5' deep. Install drainage, footings, walls on 3 sides, concrete stairs, guard and hand rails. All work needs to be completed in an alley that is just shy of 9' wide.


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Excavation and drainage work, $3000-4000. Sounds like you need a very small excavator, one that can take a bite, then swivel 180 and drop it in the truck. If that isn't possible, add money.

Formwork, rebar, concrete, finishing, $5000-7000.

Welded steel railings, galv'd, $1500-2000.

Shit you didn't tell me about, or I didn't think of: a few more thousand.

Total, maybe as much $15,000, but in a market with lots of good players and not that much work, as little at $10,000 or even less.

I can't see it from here, I could be way off.

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There is a storm sewer practically within arms reach. If the elevations are off then I would be trenching to the municipal parking lot at the back of the building, maybe 150'.

I'm more concerned about the cost to excavate in such close quarters. I don't dig holes, but I know it's going to be tight getting even a mini in there.

This whole process is to establish a scope of work for a Main Street NY grant (the architect is getting paid 8% of the award, apparently not enough to prepare scope of work docs) Jobs that have cost projections with the scope will be awarded additional points.

My WAG to dig it out, put in the retaining walls, stairs and rails, and blow a hole in the almost 30" thick stone foundation for a 36" aluminum door is $13k. I'm concerned it's too conservative.

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