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Efflorescence on new brick

Neal Lewis

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Maybe the windows were a late install. Plenty of water got into the window opening behind the brick and they are now bleeding dry.

Or a major rainfall set in before they caulked it.

That's my guess Neal. Water behind it migrates to the outside to reach conditions lower in humidity, evaporating at the surface and leaving behind whatever it picked up from inside the bricks. Salts or whatever.


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So, water BEHIND the brick is definitely the cause?

Water saturation will cause efflorescence but since it's just under the windows and there seems to be no reason for the wall to get saturated with water under all of the windows, I'd bet it got behind the brick some how during construction.

Here is a serious eff problem on a 60 yr old house but the cause is an easy one to pinpoint.

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132.82 KB

I found this in my library which is worth reading.

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Efflorescence Masonry Institute.pdf

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It's an Anderson Permashield. It has an integral vinyl nail flange that needs to be detailed into the WRB with tape and head flashing. The windows come with really big stickers on the glass that have the install instructions printed on them. Or you can find them here: http://www.andersenwindows.com/for-prof ... ion-guides

While I'd wager the window install is fooked too, the brick veneer details that haven't been omitted suck. The veneer leaks at the windows, the efflorescence is at the windows because that is where the water is.

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Yes. Rowlocks are one of those designs that barely worked with solid multi-wythe masonry and soft lime mortar.

Put it on a modern veneer with Type N mortar, and it's a flood zone.

And yes, the window install is horrible; I greatly doubt there's a pan in there anywhere.

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How would that window be correctly installed? Anyone got detail photos that show it?

Sorry David,

Thought someone would have posted this for you long ago.

http://www.gobrick.com/Portals/25/docs/ ... s/tn28.pdf

http://www.gobrick.com/Portals/25/docs/ ... es/TN7.pdf

http://www.gobrick.com/Portals/25/docs/ ... s/TN7A.pdf

http://www.gobrick.com/Portals/25/docs/ ... s/TN7B.pdf



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