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I forget,

Who is the antique radio repair nut on here? Got some guy in the Studebaker club asking around looking for anyone that repairs old radios and whether old speakers can be re-coned.

Radio nut, whoever you are; interested in a little income on the side?



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Hi, yes there are several places that sell speaker cones.

What year is the Studey?

Before 1955 the vibrator is most likely at fault. After 1955, it could be the big germanium transistor.

Does he want authentic AM with vacuum tubes and a new solid state vibrator, or does he want it to look authentic, but have an AM/FM conversion circuit board installed? The radio comes on in AM, turn it off and on again, now you are listening to FM. Radio looks original in every way.

I don't do this conversion but there is a Seattle guy that does. There's too much red tape for shipping a radio across the border twice, not worth the customs duties. They won't let a package of mysterious cylindrical objects go without a search, and then they will charge for searching the package and finding nothing.

Here's link to some repair guys.


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