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Home age, year started or completed?

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On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is something of import, this rates a solid 1, so excuse me.

Today's home was MLS and assessor listed as a 2008 house. Then, in the attic I see January 2009 date stamps on the OSB sheathing. Insulation cert is April 09, water heater made in Feb 09, etc. I had always assumed it was completion date but, obviously, not here. What say you?

No big deal, I think I was just a bit bored with this very plain vanilla tract home. [:-boring]

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Year completed is normally used. I had a house last fall that was said to be a mid 70's, because that was when the certificate of occupancy was issued. But I was told the family had owned the property since the 60's. The service panel in this house is a pristine 100 amp fuse panel, tinned copper with cloth wrap. I suggested maybe they built the house over a longer than usual period of time and finally got the paper work in place by the mid 70's? My client was OK with that, seems reasonable.

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