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1987 FPE Stab-Lok

Mark P

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This is the newest FPE I have ever seen. Home built in 1987. 2 panel - 200 amps each. The cover is different then the older FPE panels I have seen. Also most of the breakers are not the commonly found red breakers. However, ever breaker has a small label stating it is FPE. & UND LAB. INC Listed... There are several FPE GFI breakers which I have never seen and they all triped. There was a FPE warrenty card on the wall also - that I know is worthless, but thought it was interesting.

I thought they were well out of business by 1987. I assume this panel / breakers has the same issues as the older FPE panels.

When I see these panels I am very clear with my customers about there history and poterntial dangers and strongly recommend they be replaced. Today, I was surprised at how new they were and the underwirtier labels puzzled me too. I told my client I would I do some additional research before making a recomendation.

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Reliance acquired FPE in 1979, and shortly afterwards discovered that "improper and deceptive practices" (their words) had been used by FPE to obtain their UL listings. Reliance divested FPE in 1986. The panels in your photo could not have been made after 1986, and could easily have sat for a year or so before going into that house.

All FPE breakers had UL stickers, though they were often meaningless because of the cheathing FPE did to obtain them.

Mark - look on page 151 of Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings.

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I didn't ask to see his license to prove his identification, but I did have dinner one night about a year ago with a guy that looked remarkably like the guy in that Douglas Hansen avatar above. Maybe I should have checked his ID to be sure. Dang, what if it was another identify theft?

Oh crap, what do I do now?

OT - OF!!!


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