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What's the fix?

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This house has poor quality composite siding. Built in 92. Starting to show deterioration at bottom edges due to lack of meticulous maintenance. So what needs to be done about it? Can those areas, which seem small now, just be sealed up well?

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Not with a wood composite siding. I'd just say that it's a lousy choice of siding and that there's signs of failure. Eventually you'll want to replace it a panel at a time if it can be matched otherwise a wall at a time.

My report wouldn't recommend replacement now unless it's extensive, over a door/window or there's signs moisture intrusion inside the house.


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There should have been a Z-flashing and spacers behind that horizontal trim and the upper and lower panel should have been a quarter or an inch apart with the z-flashing bent to drain. That enables you to have a 1/8-inch gap between the top of the flashing and the bottom edge of the upper panel and the spacers allow the water to drain out.


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No damage viewed on the interior. That exterior trim over the Z had no sealants where viewed. [:-crazy]

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I think I have seen the proper spacing maybe once.

If the z-flashing is right it doesn't need to be caulked. The problem is you have no way to know whether it's right or if it is even there because you can't see it.

OT - OF!!!


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