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Why the house smells disgusting


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So . . . what do you figure's easiest? Cutting a 3/4" hole in a galvanized sewer-vent feeder? Or using a hole saw in the soffit? Brilliant work here, performed by a "licensed professional," who gets to overrule us at times. The overflow-pan drain, seen to the right, terminated perfectly within the garage ceiling.

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Hi Jim,

I'll post the picture to the front page, but your behind a few other folk's stuff that's been submitted. In the meantime, I thought the rest of the folks would get a kick out of this.

So, lemme see. In KY, folks never heard that there may not be any direct connection of a condensate line to a waste or vent pipe (IRC1411.3/UMC310.1)?

If I were you, I'd be posting that photo to the local paper with a short consumer protection article entitled something like When Hiring Local Tradesmen, Ensure They're Competent. The idiot will probably swallow half of his seegar when he sees his own crummy work in the paper.



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This picture reminds me of the story about two guys cutting out and raising a header on the barn door cause the mule's ears were scrubbing it when he passed.

A neighbor asked them why didn't they just dig out the threshold a little. When the neighbor left the first guy said to the second, "The dummy! Who said the mule's legs was too long?"

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