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Gas dryer vent connectors/ transition ducts.

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What's the difference between semi-rigid and flexible metal? I always thought they were synonymous. In fact here's a link to a dryer manufacturer installation manual that says on page 31: "Use rigid exhaust duct or 521P3 semi-rigid flexible metal duct kit." So they seem to think the two terms are interchangeable.

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There are UL approved flex venting for dryers

In December 2006 that Underwriters Laboratories established UL 2158A "Clothes Dryer Transition Duct" which is an approved standard for flexible high temperature exhaust duct rated to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, that can also be used on both electric and gas dryers.

One manufacturer of listed transition ducts.

http://www.deflecto.com/products/pc/UL- ... ts-d34.htm

PDF is another manufacturer.

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