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creative disposal and dishwasher wiring

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That is ..... strange. There seems to be a flexible cord to the back of that receptacle. The garbage disposer needs a switch in the line, but the DW does not.

My guess is power comes from the panel to the receptacle, the cord and plug supply the disposer, then he's rigged an NM circuit for the switch.

He probably tapped into one of the countertop receptacles.

If power went to the disposer first from the wall switch, the dishwasher would only run when the disposer was on. [:-graduat

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John K, the tab on the hot side of the duplex is likely removed so the two receptacles act independently. One has power connected directly to it, the other receives power from a wall switch above the counter top.

'Course you already knew that.


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Yes, but the anomaly is a piece of dirty white NM cable going up and away from the disposer. Or supplying the power.

Looking closer, (Ctrl +, try it). The flexable line behind the receptacle is a water line for the DW.

If Jerry is correct in his analysis, Power comes in to the disposer via the NM cable, then is delivered to the receptacle? That is what Jerry saw there I think. Could be done with 14/3.

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