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split face block reservoir


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The background story is it's a Lincoln Park $1.2 million renovation with a little split face block addition on the rear....the usual issues, no flashing, etc.

Not a sign of water inside or out; nothing. Zero. IR shows nothing, Tramex shows nothing.

Blum, it's not veneer, it's single wythe.

Kelly is fixing all the other stupid stuff on this place, we got around to the block, and bingo.

I continually tell folks there can be water in the block with no apparent indication of such because when we tear them up, they're always wet. Well, this time we were just doing an exploratory, and hit the gusher.

There's thousands of these buildings in Chicago. They all got problems, and one can't necessarily see the problems. Now I have something to show them what I'm talking about.

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Is it typical there to build homes (especially high dollar ones) out of concrete block in Chicago? I thought that was strictly a coastal sort of thing, especially older low buck construction. Admittedly, I've never been to Chicago but I haven't seen it in other large cities where I have been. At least not since I've been old enough to notice.

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