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What elements are necessary for successful team and why?

It starts at the top. It takes a good leader who knows what he's doing and is not afraid to delegate responsabilities. He has to know the strenght and weakness of each (workers, players) in his team and most of all treat each and everyone of them with RESPECT and they'll respect the leader.

If the leader can mix a bit of psychology, he can have his workers do what ever he wants, even the most tiddiest, durtiest job there is but he also has to be able to get durty hiumself and give the exemple.

I used to lead big crews on major jobs across the US (up to 40 guys) and I was very successful but I would not have anyone do something I woud not do myself.

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The most important thing is to work the team regularly, with the same driver (you I assume). Of course they need to hitched the same way every time (right side - left side), but that goes without saying. If you're just starting out and think you might get confused, you might want to mark their flanks with an 'R' and an 'L'. DON'T go into a completion with the markings still there though, or you'll quickly get the reputation as a horse's a**.

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An unsuccessful team:

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By running with the team, these Managers are building empathy with the team. This is an important step in team-building, and will help them to lead the team to success, if or when they get hooked up to a cart. [:)]

When they do find a cart, it will have a whippletree.

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Chris is here all the way from Albany, New York, via India asking good questions and all he gets is smart ass answers. Don't get discouraged, Chris.

I notice in your bio that your favorite quote is, "How to achieve success?" That is also a favorite of mine.

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I think he's been treated just fine. Folks are answering his questions.

The gentleman could be a little more forthcoming about who he is and what he's about. If the fellow is from India, that's great; I love the idea of an international get together.

But, when a guy indicates he's from Upstate but is actually somewhere else, and asks a bunch of questions not altogether related to anything, I can't help but wonder if the link dropping is about to begin.

So, chrispitt, the cover's blown. Are you interested in Home Inspection, or is this some form of trolling as prelude to link drops?

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