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Asphalt Driveway Deterioration

Mike Lamb

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I'm with Joe.

I would call it am immediate maintenance issue if it were for a commercial building. For residential it might get a bit tricky because the sealer is failing (likely poorly applied) and the fix would be messy and maybe costly.

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Depends on who you're talking to. If it's a rep from the Asphalt Paving Council, they'll say it's toast. If you talk to some of the local pavers, they'll say it needs a top coat. If you talk to a guy that sells sealer, it needs sealing, etc., etc.

I tell my customers (essentially) the above. It needs maintenance, and they should expect repairs, meaning either a cold patch or stripping out bad chunks and replacing it, which is just putting off the inevitable.

Most driveways in Chicago aren't installed well; a couple inch base and an inch topcoat. They don't hold up. When they get to the condition you're seeing, all the sealant in the world only puts off replacement for a few years.

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