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Furnace in bedroom closet

Jerry Simon

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As I understand it, a furance can be located in a bedroom closet if sole source of combustion air is from exterior. If that isn't the case, what *bad* things could happen?

I always though if there was a CO problem with the furnace, a sleeping chap might not be able to react to the first signs of CO poisoning; they may simply never wake up. This would seem to be the case even if outside air is the sole source for furnace combustion.

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What can happen? A lot, if equipment is installed improperly and combustion air is inadequate.

Inspected a home this week with a small laundry/mechanical area.

This room connected a bathroom/bedroom and the kitchen and in it was an 80% furnace, gas fired water heater and a clothes dryer.

All this and no combustion air!

I indicated to call a heating contractor to have a combustion air inlet installed and to get the CO monitor off the ceiling to a lower point in the sleeping area of the house.

In winter months, here in Michigan anyway, windows are closed and a furnace in an area where it can't get enough combustion air can back draft and cause real problems. Least of all, inefficient operation.

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