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Blackened outlet cover


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This was the view I got of multiple outlets, probably 40% of the outlets, within the home on today's inspection. Now sure what would have caused the black streaking on the outlets and covers. As you can see in the photo, it was only blackened on one of the outlets not both. All outlets function and all tested as being wired correctly. The house was built in 2005. I am thinking the house was hit by lightening at one point in time but that is solely a guess.

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Thermal Ghosting - Very common to see in areas were there are temperature differentials and a source of particulate matter. In this case I would suspect plug in air fresheners. The warm scented air is interacting with the cooler outlet and condensing it's soot onto the wall plate surface. Perfectly hamless but I don't recommend oil filled air fresheners because they can be a source of fire with it's own fuel source.

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