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Over eager toilet that flushes twice...why?

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I came across a toilet in a home today which would flush twice with one flip of the handle. The water would swirl and drain, looking normal, then refill again quickly and drain again. Two other toilets of similar design in the home didn't do this. Unfortunately, the sellers came home with a sick baby and I wasn't able to pull the cover off the tank and run it through a few cycles to try to figure out what was happening. It was a conventional toilet, not anything exotic.

Anyone know what's going on?

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The water swirled around and drained as is normal. But instead of simply filling back up it filled up quickly and then flushed again just as soon as it was through filling. The bowl then refilled as it should with no more flushing. All 3 toilets in the home were identical. This was the only one doing this so it wasn't a mismatched bowl/tank issue.

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