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Superquilt insulation


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someone has heard about that product? i don't know if it's available in USA or Canada or if we have something similar, do you know?

It says that it is equivalent of 10 inches of insulation! so, because I don't have a lot of space in my cathedral ceiling, maybe it would be a cheaper alternative instead of spray foam that is very expensive?

but I would need to put it between the rafters, becaue I don't want to reduce the heigth of the ceiling, so I don't know if it will be ok...

thanks for your advices

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Looks like a thin, foil-faced "insulation" from the U.K. Yes, you can buy stuff like that in this country, and usually with bogus claims of especially high R value in a very thin space. Some of the manufacturers have been dinged by the federal government for false advertising claims. The bottom line is, with typical fiber insulation materials (FG, cellulose, mineral wool, etc) you can get R3.5 - R4 per inch of thickness. With some foam insulation materials (2# spray foam, rigid polyiso) you can get R6.5 per inch or so. You can't get more than that, unless you start buying stuff from NASA's suppliers. There is some small advantage to the foil face in some circumstances, but the reality is that almost no one, either in mainstream building or in the high-efficiency niche, is doing much with foil faced anything. The key is THICKNESS.

If you have skinny rafters, you probably need 2# foam.

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