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Watch Out !!! - New malware email !!!

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Hi All,

There is a new malware email out there that is masquerading as persons you know in order to try to get you to click on a link. It looks very innocent and is worded in such a way that one thinks it is coming from an acquaintance who is using a new social media site similar to linked-in or facebook.

The fake site is Stik. The email had the person's name@st*k.com and was like dozens I've received from Linked in, Facebook and other social media sites. If my spyware program hadn't grabbed this I'd probably be screwed right now because it looks and sounds legit.

Here is the email I got. I've deleted the identifying information from it. Make sure that if you get anything from anyone you know that is from Stik.com that you delete it immediately without opening it.

Dear Mike,

I would really appreciate it if you would take a minute to support me on Stik.com. I hold myself to a high standard in business, and your review will help me establish trust with future clients.

My profile is here: www.st*k.com/recommend/************



Owner/ President, ******* Inspections

******* *****, ************



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Thanks, Mike. I have been using Norton for a few years now and have been upgrading steadily with no incidents.

A couple of days ago, MS warned me that my MS Security Essentials software was turned off. Of course I had not turned it off, turned it back on, and did a full scan, found a Trojan had somehow wormed into my system.

I'm told it has been removed, but who knows? Maybe my PC has been programmed now to lie to me. [?][?]

Norton has been silent throughout this affair. Maybe time to shake the bugs out. Again.

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