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Another Scam alert

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The perpetrator is "Mark Williams" and the subject line is "home".

He claims to be buying a home for his mother and asks in broken English for a reply right away.

I had a Trojan attack on my PC and it may have come from this parasite.

targets multiple industries. The following link shows other people who have been targeted: https://www.facebook.com/FraudInfo/post ... 6758387946

Please do not respond to emails from Mark Williams:

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: home

From: Mark Williams

Date: Thu, May 09, 2013 10:02 pm

To: mw080@yahoo.com


This is mark,i will like to know if you available for the home inspection of the new house that i just purchase for my mother and what area do you serve then do you accept credit card payment too.

Thanks,i will be expecting your reply back asap.

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I had a similar message from a mark_pil@yahoo.com. No bad repercussions other than annoyance at wasting my time, but just to be sure, I'm running a full virus scan.

His original post said in part "also need a little favor from you because haven't payment the balance up fees for the house which is sum of $1500 to balance up and i will be expecting your reply back asap."

When I asked him to clarify ans send me the address, he sent this:

"Okay fine,the favor is that am going to give you my card to charge the sum of $2000 you will deduct the sum of $500 as inspection service deposit and send the remaining $1500 to the former house owner for me via western union money transfer because the former house owner want to accept cash for the remaining balance and you can locate a western union money transfer outlet nearest your place.....i want you to know that they will send the key to you and you can go there for the inspection service then can you give me your FULL NAME, OFFICE ADDRESS, CELL PHONE NUMBER for the house owner to send the house keys to your office immediately they receive their balance.

They can make the key to the house available for you to write the estimate inspection service and once you the inspection service done you can e-mail the report because i want to know the work to be done in the house before my family move inside the house,am asking for this favor due to my disability and am at the hospital to undergo surgery in 1 week time that why am asking for the favor."

Wow! Just the same morning, the old Hall and Oates song "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" had been playing on the radio, so that's what I told him.

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Everyone, yeah likely.

But I've had some that somehow obtained a years old e-mail I forwarded, with a lot of addresses that I sent it to, including another one of mine.

They took that e-mail, spoofed my old address and sent spam to everyone on that particular e-mail's distribution.

Remember those ones about Microsoft gives money for forwarding, or AOL gives free subscriptions for forwarding, or Bill Gates is giving everyone millions. Those are the kind they get their hands on and use to send junk from spoofed e-mail addresses.

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