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The worse location for an outlet


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While inspecting a nice cottage I walked out onto a neighboring dock to admire the view and spotted this active outlet. Not the brightest idea I've run across but it did cause me to think a little more. I don't recall seeing private docks/ramps in any SOPs for inspections. Is there a reference?

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Perhaps 682.10 which says, among other things, "No portion of an enclosure for electrical equipment not identified for operation while submerged shall be located below the electrical datum plane."

"The electrical datum plane for floating structures and landing stages that are (1) installed to permit rise and fall response to water level, without lateral movement, and (2) that are so equipped that they can rise to the datum plane established for (1) or (2) above, is a horizontal plane 750 mm (30 in.) above the water level at the floating structure or landing stage and a minimum of 300 mm (12 in.) above the level of the deck."

Also, all of Article 555 deals with marinas & boatyards. . .

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