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Toilet inspection


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During a recent inspection, as usual, I nudged the toilet bowl to be sure it was snug. It wasn't and I reported this as a defect. All other toilet functions were OK (flush, no leaks). When I got down stairs to the kitchen water was dripping through a recessed light fixture. I returned to the bathroom and saw water streaming out of the supply connection at the ballcock connection. I shut off the supply and cleaned up the excess water. When I relayed this to the owner who came home shortly thereafter she was very upset and claimed I broke the toilet because this never happened before. Furthermore, she wants to hire a painter to repaint the ceiling and send me the bill. My claim is that the defective toilet which should not have moved, did, causing the water stain around the light fixture. I want to take the right and ethical action.....comments please!

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Been there, done that!

I usually speak to the owner with vigor using comments like: "Good thing I discovered that now. Imagine what would happen when _____ failed when I'm not here."

I've probably had these "failed while operating" experiences about ten times in 19 years. Handled all of them except for a plastic shower head that broke off in my hand. I replaced it with the same model about 1.5 hours after the inspection.

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Do you mean leaking out of the angle-stop valve? The ballcock is in the tank, and should not cause the leakage you describe.

The owner is technically correct. No leak 'till you got there. After you've done a LOT of inspections, this will never happen to you again. Meanwhile, you're gonna pay for your learning experience. I say pay her. I paid 'bout a couple dozen of those before I "learned".

Just an aside....watch out for those lightweight overhead garage doors...hold 'em or check 'em wrong when testing the safety reverse, & they'll crinkle-up like and accordian. I paid for one (two?)....never again.

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Was it a one-piece stop and supply tube? Those'll break if you look at them wrong.

FWIW, Yung scans the base of every toilet for moisture using the Protimeter, checks for leaks at all of the fittings and then grabs the pedestal and gives it a good shake to see if it's even bolted down. If it's loose, she comes and finds me. I confirm it's loose at the floor, write it up, and include a recommendation that they replace the wax seal immediately, 'cuz I've never seen one that's moved around where the seal hasn't leaked.

The next time a homeowner starts that crap, tell 'em it's too bad that you discovered the leak, but point out to them that by definition your job is to find that sort of thing.



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