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Don't be surprised when this cap fad catches on...

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I'll see your green cap and raise you a green flue. [:)]

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I turned a bit green myself taking this shot. Otters were bringing crab carcasses into the crawlspace, yuck. The stench was coming up the chimney thru the cleanout.

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Otters have feathers?

Nope, that was lunch. Road kill? Maybe coons, but I figured otters brought the seafood. There could have been any number of critters using that space, easy access.

A few years ago, I saw an otter go under my garden shed, looking to have babies under there, maybe. So next day, I got my camera in the hole and snapped a shot of a racoon sleeping under there, no sign of the otter. I closed off the gaps under the shed with metal soffit covers and now they just trip thru the yard to the neighbor's place.

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