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Fill valve for a buried propane tank?

Richard Moore

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Small 1959 rambler, burbs north of Seattle, currently on natural gas. There were 3 irrigation control boxes at the front of the house. Two contained normal irrigation valves and a backflow device but the third, very close to the foundation, had this...

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In the 2nd photo (with my finger holding the spring loaded cap open) you see some rusty device hose clamped to the valve (no idea on that either). I have seen maybe 3 above ground propane tanks total during my HI career. Certainly never seen a buried one. Is that was this is or was? It doesn't seem like the best idea to have a buried LP tank right next to a home with a crawl space.

My other thought, because it was inside an irrigation style box, is that it could be a compressed air connection to winterize the irrigation system???

BTW, the crawl hatch on this one was like some devilish Venus Inspector Trap. I had to use sticks to prop open the springy, sharp edged mesh that was secured at the house wall. I could barely squeeze into the opening and, once in, no more than about 8 feet in any direction due to pipes and ducts in the nasty shallow crawl. File under "Stuff I Won't Miss".

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Richard, I carry a slim metal rod with a pointed end somewhere in my truck. Nope, never use it, but for that mystery, I might have prodded the ground below to see if there was a tank there. Judging from the Mickey Mouse clamps and threaded rod support, I'd guess it was part of Mr Handy's irrigation system.

We have robots that can carry a web cam into those creepy cavities. You have a dog. He could be sent in ahead to dig a tunnel for you. The possibilities are endless.

But in the end, it is quicker and easier to just suit up and do it. Thursday PM, I was welcomed by a swarm of honey bees when I opened the crawl hatch. I put on my rain jacket with the hood and crept my way in like a big old bear. Intimidated them. Got stung about an hour later. [:)]

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That reminds me of an irrigation valve that you stick a hose or spray head into and twist to lock in place. I vote - part of the irrigation system.

I never see underground tanks here though.

Makes sense. Who would use a flexible hose for a liquefied gas? The rebar and hose clamp suggest a hose.


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