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Find a black spot on the wall - Jackpot!

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These are the 'mold is gold' practitioners of the legal profession, a slightly different animal than the one we're familiar with. Whereas inspectitorious pits a species of inspector against the public, legalitorious pits one sub-section of the public against another sub-section, homeowners against sellers (or landlords). The goal is the same - revenue.


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The suits noted all wound their way through court 4+ years ago. I wonder if this is trending up or down. From the descriptions, these were egregious conditions, and it sounds like sellers and realtors were colluding to defraud.

I think the defense against mold suits is getting more sophisticated, and I wonder if it's getting better or worse. The CEO of CNA said it would take a while to balance, but it was not the slam dunk it was 4-5 years ago.

That doesn't mean there won't be suits.

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Last Friday I had a 3' x 4' mechanical room containing the boiler, DWH, service equipment, water meter and a really heavy wood shelf (I did the math and covered the lack of combustion air). The water meter and the shelf created a micro climate that yielded a 3' square slimy black growth on the wall.

It didn't make it into my report. My client didn't care. When I explained it to him he said his girl friend is a clean freak and will likely ask him to remove the boiler so she can clean under it. He has far bigger fish to fry.

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