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"WEA" Wireless Emergency Alerts ...

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WEA notifications being pushed to smartphones now. Carriers are doing such in some sort of phased rollout. I'm using AT&T and I got two of them this past Monday.

The "Presidential Alert" hasn't made it to my iPhone yet.

WEA rollout information from FCC

From a bill passed by Congress I believe as part of the WARN Act.

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Sure: It's FREE (Right, I'm paying for it somewhere, somehow.)

How much will consumers pay to receive WEA?

Alerts are free. Customers do not pay to receive WEA.

But hey, we can block some of the WEAs!

Can consumers block WEAs?

Partially. Participating wireless carriers may offer subscribers with WEA-capable handsets the ability to block alerts involving imminent threats to safety of life and/or AMBER Alerts; however, consumers cannot block emergency alerts issued by the President


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