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roof mounted chiller water lines


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I am in the mold removal and control business in Costa Rica. I am from Minnesota but got to old for the cold. I do have professional help here for these a/c situations..

I just ran into seperated joints on the a/c water pipes in this picture. Can these color, type, pipes be used together for roof mounted chiller a/c units.?

Used as water pipes to and from wall monted units from roof to units below? .

This is an 8 and 10 storey high rise condo project. Is this something that a special glue could be required? In Costa Rica anything goes and I want to help the builders get things right. They had a huge flood from the 8th floor because of this broken pipe or connection leak shown in this picture.

This pipe is either the cold water supply line or the return lie to roof mounted a/c Chiller units.

We get earthquqkes here all the time.

I am trying to find out of these pipes can be joined together permanently or if this is a problem of incorrect pipes being joined together. Is this union of pipes an acceptsble process in the US? Special glue required?

Click to Enlarge

43.45 KBreturn line to the roof mounted units.

Thanks for the help.

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