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Fasteners for EPDM

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If anyone cares- I spent a couple hours with Google Images searches using every imaginable term and finally came across a patent drawing from Firestone dated 1987.

I called Firestone and nobody there recalled the product but one person remembered that Carlisle had something like it. I called Carlisle and they discontinued the product in the early 1990's.

The tech guy thought they were called button cap fasteners. They work like a clothing snap with the membrane being your shirt-tail caught between the halves.

The first half screws to the deck. It's shaped like a round dovetail. The exposed portion of the fastener has articulating fingers that close around the dovetail as one pushes down. When fully seated, the fingers snap permanently into position.

Pardon the random search terms for future inspectors; surface mount epdm fasteners, membrane fasteners, mechanically fastened mebrane.

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