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Pool Complex Bonding

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A perimeter of ground rods might reduce the voltage gradient in a pool of fresh water and so would salt in the water since salt water conducts better than the human body and that would allow the water to bypass some current.

Salt water conversions are common here. I haven't seen venders advertising that it's safer where electricity is concerned but it's definitely safer.


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I'm not sure a better grounding electrode system would have saved the girl. I would think the breaker on the power line would have to trip to do that which is kind of the point with providing the ground path back to the transformer.

A better question in this case might be "why was a power line over the pool?"

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I don't think it was over the pool. It was over the parking lot. Some strange path took the juice to the metal ladder.

A breaker wouldn't trip anything in this situation, or at least I don't think it would. Maybe I'm wrong. I would think that everything being bonded and GFCI'd would have made the difference.

Horribly sad story.

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