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Historic Home Just Came On The Market Near Chicago

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Hi All,

For anyone in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area, there are a couple of very interesting homes that have just been listed at HistoricProperties.com.

The first is a Lustron home[:-magnify within a one hour drive of downtown Chicago in Chesterton, IN for $129,000. The home is on the National Register of Historic Places and comes with covenants. Click here.

The second is a 1912 Prairie style brick foursquare in Harvard, Illinois that's being sold for $145,000. This home is in a very much unmolested condition. Even the woodwork was never painted! Any old home lover knows that stripping dozens of layers of paint to expose the original woodwork in these homes is one of the most difficult parts of any historic restoration.

The owner bought it with the intent to totally restore it and has accomplished a lot. However, health has become an issue and the owner is retiring and is putting the home on the market at HistoricProperties.com, where there's a chance that a true historic home lover will purchase it, instaed of some new age techie that will gut it and remuddle it into some contemporary piece of crap.

You can check it out here.



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Love that Prarie. Prarie and Bungalow both speak to me. They say "I'm good-lookin', but I'm also built like a brick s***house. I'm a rock you can lean on, brother." If I had the chance to do it over I'd build my house as one or the other.

Brian G.

I Might Be Able to Afford the House, But the Shipping Would Kill Me [:-indiffe

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