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brick support

Stephen Lagueux

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http://www.maconline.org/tech/consumers ... hangs.html

From the masonry Advisory Council:

Ask your low-priced concrete contractor if they have ever heard of ACI 117 ? "Tolerances for Concrete Construction". The concrete footing, under 3.2-lateral alignment, supporting masonry, can be +/- 1/2"(if the footings are that accurate, why can't the placement of forms and concrete walls above them be as accurate?); You know in the photos to the right something is wrong! Lately, some owners are lucky if their concrete foundation walls are on the right lot! Corbelled, unreinforced masonry can overhang a foundation wall by up to 1/3 it's bed depth with 2/3 bearing on the concrete wall. [For a 3 5/8" bed depth brick that means an overhang of about 1 1/8". This would mean 2 1/2" of the brick would be resting on the foundation.] If there is more than 1 1/8" overhanging the foundation, an engineer should be contacted to design a small angle to be bolted into the foundation wall to support the brick.


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