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heaters lower than 18" in garage

Jerry Lozier

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I call out when I see spark source below 18" in a garage as a safety concern. (supposedly gas fumes don't go above 18"??)

anyway: Seen several garages (not the same builder, maybe the same electrician) that install fan assisted heaters below 18". Receptacles are all up about 4 ft.

Am I missing something here?

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The IRC prohibition on ignition sources within 18" of the garage floor applies to mechanical systems appliances. I'm not sure that an in-wall heater qualifies.

I'd consider it an electrical device and, as such, the NEC has no prohibition against it in a residential garage, as brric pointed out.

That doesn't mean that you can't identify it as a problem or recommend moving it. But if you do so, I doubt that you could find a code section to back up the recommendation.

FWIW, the risk of igniting fumes from spilled gasonline is very real. My cousin was badly burned when it happened in his basement.

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Would the thermostat be the ignition source? I know they click on and off. So the heater might be fine if the thermostat is moved up to a higher point, like in your pic. It's a good question.

Sometimes the Code writers are slow to catch up, but we can still point these things out as questionable.

Sure looks like, unless the switching is solid state or hermetically sealed. Like you said, the code-forming committees have procedure and politics to tangle with before anything changes.


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