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Making Tomato Sauce Video - I'm Not In Love

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We used a hand cranked knuckle buster tomato sauce machine for years until it thankfully broke. We have had this Omaz machine for about 10 years and it turns the tomato sauce processing into a joke. Last year we made five or 6 gallons of sauce but this year only about three. It was a cold summer and I also neglected the garden. The home inspection business has been very good.

I just started making my own hot sauce out of our cayenne peppers last year with hot delicious success.

I get all my plants from a local nursery. The cucumbers are just marked cucumbers so I do not know what particular kind they are.

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We do bread & butter pickles and those cucumbers looked fantastic. My Sicilian grandparents would take the sauce they got from grinding and dry it in the sun to make tomato paste. Saw horses with boards were set up in the back yard and plates were used with a small amount of the tomato on each plate. Covered with cheese cloth, the sun would do a great job of extracting water and they used the paste all year. I am sure they added stuff as a preservative but I don't know what. I do remember the fantastic taste.

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No time for gardens here.

The wife bought 3 bushels of local tomatoes from the farm market on her way home from work Friday. Her parents processed all weekend.

We share the results.

Oh, and skip the fancy machines. When I was a teenager my brother and I scraped the handle on the squeezo and chucked it to a Black and Decker 1/2" drill. We had enough torque to extract the juice from the wooden plunger.

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