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Attic Ventilation

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A union carpenter would have the tools, the time, and the training to use the right tool. They'd know, taking two extra minutes to do it correctly, wouldn't cost them money from their wages for insurance or a retirement plan.

Glad I learned all of that before I left. [;)]

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Gary I guess the whole idea of pride in work went out the vent hole with unions. The picture is so common I sometimes don't mention it, especially if there is plenty of vent provided by other means.

Long ago, working summers doing construction labor, (even here in the South), I cut a piece of wood for the striped-overall carpenter I was helping. At day's end I was backed into a corner by another carpenter who told me I was to refuse to cut a piece of wood if asked. The quality of the work was monitored the same way by the ones performing it.

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