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Water drips from ceiling AC vent


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In the middle of Virginia summer, I noticed in the 2 level condo that water is dripping on the lower level ceiling vent, especially when it rains and AC unit is running at the same time. Any reasonable explanation or comment on this!


Condensation... Cause can be several things from the air vent being closed off too much, the unit is cooling too much (super cooling due to problems with the unit or dirty air filter), the humidity is simply high in the room or the insulation above the ceiling register needs improvement.

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Sometimes air conditioners don't work well. They cool ok but don't remove quite as much humidity from the air as they should. It makes the moisture levels in the house borderline. Under these conditions, if something were to boost the humidity in the house just a little more like rain outside, or if the AC were to start cooling better because the rainwater is falling on the condenser coil and cooling it, condensation will then form on the ceiling registers.

It does that in my house sometimes.


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