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Flat Roof


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Am I missing something here? This flat roof has 2 sheets of 5/8 low-density fiberboard underlayment with a plank deck under that.

1) Would it get this spongy (note the footprint) with a leak in the rubber covering (I am assuming it can, but rather than assume, I am asking for an opinion)?

2) Would it be common to add a foam board insulation to a repaired area (white styrofoam), and then add the rubber covering over that? How about a lot of cement or tar to level out a prior repair (the garage door header was replaced and painted over).

It was actually spongy enough to maintain my footprint in the roof covering (but then would relax), for a bit. Temperature today was 65/sunny, inspection at 3:00PM. It does not seem swollen under the covering and there are no signs of moisture in the garage area, soffits or interior. No signs of moisture.

You can make a 1/2+ inch divit if you push your finger in it.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a POS. You'd be safe in calling it such.

And, I can't tell if it's "rubber" or mod bit. Looks like mod bit. Please don't call it rubber.

One doesn't level sections of mod bit roof with goop, it's done with tapered foam panels, and any job I've seen using white styrofoam is a total POS.

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Looks like EPDM to me. If it's not wet they at least used something pretty crappy beneath that cover. I would have called it.

Who's the best flat roof guy in your area? I know who it is in mine; I once called both Goodyear and Firestone looking for help with a torch-down issue and the tech folks at both companies referred me to one guy in my area they said was the best in the area.

That was over 15 years ago; I've referred him to quite a few clients over the years for a second opinion from a flat roof specialist. I was right most of the time. When I wasn't, he made me smarter.

Find out who the guy is in your area, invite him out for a coffee, get to know him and learn from him.



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