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New HI book

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Looks like there's a new HI book out. Below is a letter that our newspaper group received. It was forwarded to me because of my background, but I don't have the time or inclination to read a book about home inspections that wasn't written by Katen or Fabry.

I'm sure they'd send one or several of y'all a copy to review for this site.

So you?ve found your dream home, taken out a mortgage, and all that?s left to do is have the house inspected. But is this inspector trustworthy? Will they tell you the whole truth about the possible weak spots in the house you?ve fallen in love with?

In the groundbreaking new book, Buy or Run: I?m a Real Home Inspector, Not a TV Celebrity, professional home inspector Bruce McClure provides readers with an informative inside look at the world of home inspection and real estate, as well as:

A glimpse into the limited training and experience necessary to become a certified home inspector and in many cases what certified means.

Increased awareness of what a home inspection ?isn?t?

Misinformation provided by the media and reality television.

Real examples (with pictures) of dangerous flaws in homes that McClure has inspected.

Lack of rules and regulations in many states and provinces: Anyone can become a home inspector simply by printing a business card.

Why legislation (in areas that have it) is not protecting the public.

Please contact me for a complimentary review copy of Buy or Run, or to speak with McClure directly.



856.489.8654 x334


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It seems the intended audience for this book is home buyers, not inspectors. Golly, does it take an entire book to explain the industry to a buyer?

The author doesn't have a sample report on his site so...no, I won't bother to volunteer and review his book.


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I had a guy by that name attend my class two years ago. He was in property management and wanted to get into this gig and wanted me to take him on. I didn't have the time or finances to take on a guy full time so I passed. He then got into real estate. I just did an inspection for one of this clients less than two weeks ago.

I wonder.....nah, can't be the same guy - he doesn't know that much about this gig and he's never worked at it.



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