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Did the original designer know about this? I didn't.

"Does the Direction of the Swastika Matter?

In ancient times, the direction of the swastika was interchangeable as can be seen on an ancient Chinese silk drawing.

Some cultures in the past had differentiated between the clockwise swastika and the counter-clockwise sauvastika. In these cultures the swastika symbolized health and life while the sauvastika took on a mystical meaning of bad-luck or misfortune."

From the link above.

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I had a young Indian woman that worked for me a few years ago. We had an office BBQ at my house and as a gift she brought me a hand-made beaded piece from India. It was beautifully made and there was a swastika as part of the design. She had no idea that it is an offensive symbol to many. After one of my other employees told her about the meaning and she realized what it represents to a Jew with Eastern European heritage, she felt bad. I reassured her that I know she gave it to me with only good intent. She told me that it has a different meaning in her culture.

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