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Has China or Iran got Tachyon Particle Weapon?

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So, in the Star Trek sagas whenever a hostile ship tries to take over the computer on a Star Fleet ship Captain Kirk or Spock or Captain Piccard would send a tachyon burst back along the link and cause the enemy's computer to self destruct.

Has someone figured out how to hack the NSA's computers and do something similar?

France was pretty pissed at the NSA last week. Hmm......

Read This!




Man, if there's such a thingy I want it. I want to go after all of the spammers from overseas (and here) that fill my inbox with so much crap every day. Push a button and imagine the fat sweaty guy with food scraps in his beard losing his ability to screw with me. Yeah!

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Last two grafs in the article seem to indicate a "lack of air flow" around the heat generating servers, etc..

Well, when I was on the design/build group for internet web-hosting data centers (many years ago) when the dot.com world was growing like crazy, that was a prime item we had to deal with on all the data centers we built.

Did someone forget or overlook that at the Bluffdale site?

Humm [?][?]

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