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Heat & Glow Escape 135

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I have a Heat & Glow Escape 135. When we try to turn on the unit the pilot light comes on for a few seconds and then turns off. The unit will not produce a gas fire. The unit is now 2 years old. The installer will not come out to work on the unit.

We had the same problem when the unit was only a few months new. He would come out and fix the unit. It would run a few weeks then would stop working.Has anyone else had this problem? Looks like we will have to replace this "lemon" Heat & Glow. What brand of gas insert could anyone recommend.

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It's a pretty new unit at only 2 years. While it could have a bad thermocouple, there are plenty of other possibilities.

I don't have time to check out the spec's on your unit-- I'm going to bed. Do you have to push the control knob in and push the piezo ignitor to get the pilot on? Or, do you turn on the wall switch and hear a sparking sound (intermittent pilot ignition). If IPI, your flame sensor isn't proving flame.

There's not enough to go on with your explanation. If it's a natural gas unit, call your gas utility and see if they will send someone out to take a look.

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The Escape uses an IPI ignition system. Contact the mfr. with model and serial # for location of nearest qualified tech. Should not have allowed it to go one past one year. You would have a problem taking the installer to court now.

Could be many things from low inlet gas pressure to improper log or ember placement, venting, etc. Gas utility would not be familiar with this unit I doubt.

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Gas utility would not be familiar with this unit I doubt.

Perhaps-- I guess it depends on the company, individual and the type of training they get. We work on them daily, but I'm not sure what other utilities do.

The reason I recommend the utility as a starting point is that they may send someone out for free, as we do.

Yeah but you're in Oregon where they come out and pump your gas for you. Gasoline I mean. [:)]
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