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multi toilet flush

John Dirks Jr

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I saw a first for me today. 1992 house and the stamps on the inside of the toilet tanks were also 1992.

The toilets would run through multiple flush cycles on a single handle pull. One of them would empty, refill and empty the bowl 4 times each flush.

I pulled the lid on the tanks and found the water level all the way up to the overflow tube. I figured that could be the problem so I did some experimenting by stopping the fill valve at various levels and test flushing. Even then I couldn't seem to get the things working a single flush. It was either not enough for a single flush, or too much resulting in multiple flushes.

The tanks were really big so they have high capacity for water.

It was almost if the high capacity of the tank was mis-matched for the design of the bowl.

Have any of you seen this happen?

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Flapper valve not dropping soon enough. Rule out the flapper getting caught up in the chain.

Try attaching various size fishing weights to the bottom of the chain with leader clips.

You can also purchase an adjustable flapper to "dial in" the correct volume needed for a proper flush.

Thanks for the info. Actually, one of the tanks had a flapper and the others had the cylinder type flush valve. The flapper one only cycled twice while the others did it 4 times.

Seriously though, low capacity bowl with a huge tank.

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I think the problem is that the "cylinder" valve isn't lifting and opening enough. Water is entering the bowl and reaching a level high enough to start the siphon effect but not fast enough to maintain the siphon and so the water is pulled low enough for air to enter. Eventually more water enters from the tank and starts the siphon again, etc, etc. My bet is that if you shortened the chain in the second photo, so that the valve lifted higher, you would get just the single forceful flush.

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