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Halloween fun - A ghoul with a good gig

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One of my (many) regrets in life is not going to see Zappa perform. I've been a fan since high school, around '75-'76, when I borrowed Overnight Sensation (on 8-track) from my brother. I was in AC for a few days last month, but didn't go to House of Blues. I wonder if the quilt is still there.

The panties thrown at Greg weren't pre-worn of course. The band has a huge, rabidly loyal following - and with good reason. They're immensely talented. They only do 60's covers, but they do them very, very well, and are always pushing the envelope. This clip is a good example. The woman who starts out on bass then moves to keyboards isn't a musician - she's their business manager. Her only musical background was some piano lessons when she was a kid. She learned to play the bass this past summer just for this song. For some reason, the camera stopped recording before the end of The End. Damn!

The music scene here in the Lehigh Valley has always been diverse and very good. I think I'm going to pick up a hobby I dropped over 20 years ago - capturing video of local bands. Here's a video I shot last month in a parking lot at a garlic festival. All four members of the band are outstanding.

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