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Home Inspection AND Lawn Service???

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I just got this email, for criminy's sake:

Hi , this is Jim from avengers field agency.

We are looking for inspectors to do HUD inspections and lawn cuts along with the inspections.

These properties are empty HUD houses. The job requires you to go to the address, complete a 1-page, check-off list regarding the interior & exterior

condition. We also need the property mowed along with these inspections. These are to be conducted twice a month for a fee of $30.00 to you. These jobs will come in bulk and in the surrounding areas. I know the price of gas isn't getting any cheaper so try to arrange the inspections along with other jobs that you are doing in those same areas.



If you are interested in Field Chasing, where you try to put the debtor on the

phone together with the collector, you get paid $40. It pays a sliding scale

from $40-$20, depending if the person is home, or you can get in touch with a


You sign up the same way for either Property Inspector or Field Chasing.

Property Inspectors pay $5, but come in bulk every two weeks. A check goes out on the last day of the month if jobs are completed omn the 15th of the month. If jobs are completed by the end of the month, a check goes out on the following 15th.

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Man I just knew there had to be some add on services I wasn't thinking about! Mow their lawn while you're shaking them down for late payment....gotta love it.

I can see it now...."Hey, Hey, Hey...you want this flower bed weeded on the next trip you'd better be for paying your HUD note!"

Or go the refreshing route of mowing the lawn after crawling out of a 150 degree attic! [:-jump]

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Originally posted by Erby

Some people are making serious money doing these.

Called Field Services. http://namfs.org/04/

The one I know gets about $40.00 a shot, is seldom at the property more than 20-30 minutes and does a bunch a day. NOT a typical lawn mowing, just whacking the weeds down so the city and neighbors don't complain.

Good for them. Not me!

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