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AC Compressor Against The Wall


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OK, this is a question for you guys that see AC a lot.

I always thought there were minimum clearance requirements around these things.

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What bad things, if any, can happen with this AC compressor/condenser placed right up against the exterior of a home like this.

OT - OF!!!


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I'm not an AC guy but reduced airflow to the core can affect performance of the unit. It might cause stress that could reduce the life span. Many times the situation prevents adequate access to the service panel causing safety concerns for technicians.

I have seen in some installation manuals the allowance for as little as 6" but only on one side. Usually, they call for 12" minimum on all sides.

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It's a very funny picture...am betting it is for an absentee owner. The steep slope next to unit explains the practical reason for wedging it in, as installer would have had to build a support.


The slope was actually kind of tame for around here.

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