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Hole in unvented gas log fireplace?

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That space between the firebox and the back wall - the galvanized metal you see, is supposed to be where air flows around the box. The heat from the flame heats the air in that space and it rises and leaves via the louvers above the firebox. As that air rises it is replaced by colder air entering the heat exchanger at the bottom. He cut a hole in one wall of the heat exchanger. Why? Who the hell knows but if a client were to ask me what I thought about it I'd probably tell him the guy that cut that hole must be a moron.



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On every one I've seen there are two galvanized walls. We are seeing the inner one; there's an outer one behind that and the air from the home flows between the two. That forms a sealed area separate from the firebox itself. The firebrick panels aren't airtight around the edges. They're really there more to protect the galvanized panels from excessive heat.

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