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Defective Thai drywall in 1999?

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I inspected a home today built in 1999. There were multiple straight-line cracks at butt joints in the ceiling, and a few on the walls. Some of these approached an eighth of an inch in width. No signs of any settling/ movement or other contributing factors. The locations were the typical places where a hairline crack wouldn't necessarily be unexpected such as at 90? intersections in the hallways. However, there were a lot of them and they were much larger than hairline width. I suspected either defective drywall or defective mud. When I went into the attic I was surprised to see "Thai gypsum products" stamped on the backside of the drywall. I was building here during that period and I was not aware of a single local supplier selling any imported drywall.

I'm wondering if perhaps the drywall shrank because it had an excessive moisture content when installed. Does anyone know anything about this product in general or any problems with it? If not, what about defective mud used in 1999?

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